Our value

Trust & Accountability

Business is trust and accountability.

Establishing and maintaining trust with our business partners and among ourselves is fundamental to our existence.

We are trusted and we are accountable beyond all else!

People as Partners

We value our people as the core strength of our organization and advance employee talent through training, coaching and self-development.

We all work as partners to create a performance orientated, enthusiastic and “people caring” environment.

We applaud, reward and promote our people as partners.


Superior expertise is a strength and key to our success.

We are always hungry for information, and we constantly collect and share knowledge with our colleagues and partners, as we recognize expertise enhancement is best developed in an open forum.

Active Communication and Teamwork

We communicate effectively, objectively and respectfully.

We communicate, coordinate and collaborate as a team to understand, analyze and to find solutions.

We treasure and respect each other’s individuality, but we know we are stronger in unity.

We never stop communicating – good or bad.

"CANI" - Constant And Never-ending Improvement

We recognize the world around us is changing more rapidly than ever.

We believe organizational and personal success is a “journey” of constant and never-ending improvement.

We are committed to the principal of a learning organization, where we can flourish, collectively and individually.

Customers FIRST

Based on the “Customers First” principal we focus on creating value-added services and solutions to our customers and their patients.

F: Focus on Cost Effective Solutions

I: Innovative Approach

R: Responsiveness & Cooperation

S: Service & Utilization

T: Technology & Quality