STAGO Total Laboratory Automation

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Total Laboratory Automation

TLA is a system for the performance of highly repetitive tasks in the Laboratory. It replaces human operators in the preparation and transport of specimens, with robotic devices. Laboratory automation consolidates the control of multiple different analytical instruments to a smaller number of operators and reduces human errors, thus reducing the costs in laboratory testing. Data management systems will further improve the efficiency after consolidation.

The STA-R® Max high end coagulometer has been designed to be interfaced with all types of automated lines. Since the last 20 years, Stago has worked closely together with all the major market TLA suppliers to develop those connections. The STA-R® have already interfaced with the major automated robotic lines such as Roche Diagnostic, Beckman-Coulter, Thermo-Clinical-System / Ortho and Siemens Diagnostics, or Abbott / Accelerator APS & a3600. When it comes to TLA and haemostasis testing – the 20 years of experience and over 280 routinely operating connected STA-R® analyzers indeed talk for itself.

If you opt for a comprehensive automation, we will work out the solution for your own solution. We can also offer you a solution on other projects, such as the association of a pre analytical unit to our systems: preparation of STA-R® racks by pre analytical line.

We are willing to participate to any development project of automated laboratory. MediGroup and Stago will be your partner for your project for the entire journey from planning to operation.