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Sales and promotion:

  • Look for new customers in area in charge, develop new market as per instructed, implement agreed sales and promotion activities with clients;
  • Understand internal structure of client’s organization to establish, maintain and develop strong relationship with all relevant people within clients’ organization;
  • Consult, introduce new products, recommend apply new reagents;
  • Develop consumable and equipment sales and sales funnel as per established sales budgets;
  • Take care customer: lend reagents in emergency, FOC reagents, guidance and provide information, report all order immediate and follow up to ensure client interests are well taken care of;
  • Internally coordinate for proper quotations, tender documents and all other legal issues related to clients;
  • Follow up to collecting and pushing for payment outstanding;
  • Reports all activities and issues related to responsibility accordingly to report formats.

Stock coordination and delivery:

  • Analyze, forecast and report special product demand of clients;
  • Follow up and check delivery of orders for clients;
  • Make arrangement with client in case of delivery problems.

Product knowledge:

  • Receive product training from company;
  • Continuously update product knowledge through self-study;
  • Contribute to exchange knowledge and experience with the team;
  • Successfully pass exam on product and selling skill tests (if any).

Market research:

  • Collect, analyze and report general market information;
  • Collect, analyze and report relevant competitor information.


  • Bachelor’s degree (Medicine/ Biomedical/ Business or equivalent)
  • Experience in Medical Device/ Consumables sales
  • Good in English;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills:
  • Right sales attitude;
  • Ability to communicate effectively with and to understand the needs of others in a sales relationship.
  • Good analyzing and problem-solving skills;
  • Good planning skill

Why should You Apply?

  • Lĩnh vực chăm sóc sức khỏe

    Lĩnh vực chăm sóc sức khỏe

  • Thu nhập cạnh tranh

    Thu nhập cạnh tranh

  • Chương trình chăm sóc sức khỏe

    Chương trình chăm sóc sức khỏe

  • Đào tạo trong và ngoài nước

    Đào tạo trong và ngoài nước

  • Môi trường làm việc

    Môi trường làm việc

  • Văn phòng làm việc hiện đại

    Văn phòng làm việc hiện đại

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