Esaote is one of the six largest ultrasound manufacturers in the world by volume, with more than 130,000 portable and cart-based ultrasound systems.

The unique Esaote's concept allows physicians to seamlessly integrate results coming from imaging examinations in the standard workflow. Esaote’s advanced technology is constantly improved to support medical science, contributing to a better future for everyone and finally making what is essential visible to the eye. The transducer is the first element that connects with the patient’s body: it delivers the ultrasound beam and receives the backscattered echo. Its technology is extremely important to obtain a high signal-to-noise ratio, a sharp signal to optimize: Esaote stands by your side and delivers a wide range of dedicated-to-specialty transducers to fulfill your clinical needs.
Smart and simple ultrasound. Ultrasound adapted all basic routine clinical demand. Friendly interface.
Shareservice ultrasound unit intergrated elastography. Speckle tracking. OB/GYN high-technologies.
Multifunctional doppler ultrasound. Speckle tracking 4D. 4D fetal echocardiography.
Hi-end Ultrasound unit. 2D Shearwave Elastography Technology. New Shared-service Ultrasound with advanced technologies.
High-end ultrasound unit. 3DeWave shearwave elastography. 4D Speckle tracking technology.
New 64bits Intelligent Architecture and faster GPU computing capabilities. State-of-the-art smART Processing with Empowered New Generation XView, MView, and eSpeed.  Embedded-core Active Technology combined with IQProbes. Insightful Workflow.
Premium ultrasound unit intergrated A.I technology. Putting the ultra back in ultrasound. Uncompromised Ease-of-Use. Performance without Compromise. Uncompromised Value.
Flexible multidisciplinary portable ultrasound unit with lastest generation. Fast - Reliable. Touchscreen – Zeroclick Automation Tool. Extremely high battery capacility – 240 minutes.
High-end portatble ultrasound with innovative. Ergonomic design. Multiapplication capacility. Extremely high battery capacility – 240 minutes.