IQ ultrasound probe

Advanced solutions in probe technology

IQ ultrasound probe of Esaote. Esaote is a leader in the design and manufacturing of ultrasound probes. Esaote is committed to R&D investment, innovations and gathers feedback from users to continually improve the ergonomics, reliability, and image quality of Esaote’s IQ Probes.

Esaote’s ultrasound systems and probes are designed to:

IQ probes are critical to achieving exceptional imaging performance and repeatability.

 Their design requires the development of advanced materials in order to improve transducer operation efficiency and deliver remarkable image quality (IQ) performances.

An acoustic lens material of IQ Probes is used, that minimizes reverberations and enhances image contrast resolution.

Esaote’s innovative backing block increases ultrasound energy transmitted into the patient body while maintaining a very wide bandwidth. This directly translates into enhanced image sensitivity, higher resolution, useful penetration, and overall clarity from near-field to far-field.

In response, Esaote developed a special protective layer placed beneath the acoustic lens which effectively protects the transducer and prevents fluid ingress.

With these innovations, Esaote is delivering a new level of diagnostic confidence and accuracy in all major modes – whether fundamental imaging, Doppler or Tissue harmonic imaging – and across the entire range of clinical applications.

IQ-probe- Esaote-ultrasound
IQ ultrasound probe

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